Why Are The Days Of Preparation So Important

I'm sure you're all thinking: “Why is the 20-day period of preparation significant?” “What should I do during all these days?” and so many similar things. Giving you answers to this kind of questions is actually the main reason why I have decided to send you this series of e-mails. Within the period of 20 days I have set three main targets for you to achieve:

1.  Make sure any signs of panic or despair vanish for good!

Most people that want to follow our method are in panic regardless of when they separated, whether it's been ten days or three months. Let's not forget the case where many of them haven't broken up yet but have serious problems in their relationship. As you realize, panic can lead to mistakes that will only worsen the situation. Most of you mention that you have made some of the mistakes described in my book, if not all of them. Trust my words, you will keep making them if you don't manage to control your panic that leads to reckless reactions!!

2. Putting everything in order!

I'm sure you're now wondering what that means… During these 20 days I will help you figure out everything having to do with you in relation to your ex and, at the same time, help you manage any signs of selfishness, anger, frustration, despair or other excessive emotions that can hold you back from thinking clearly and objectively.

3. There is hope! There is a way to work things out!

There is a cause for every problem, that's a fact. But there is also a solution to it and that should be a fact too! I know that you're in a situation where it's impossible for you to think of anything positive and you're feeling like everything is falling apart but I can assure you that if there is a will, there is a way!! However, you won't be able to find it if you don't find the deeper cause and just keep focusing on that last drop that filled the glass and made it overflow. Covering up the problems and simply returning to your ex will make things ok only temporarily and, eventually, you'll find yourself facing the same problems over again soon enough!

You have to get a deeper understanding of what led things up to the point of a break up, before you make any moves to win your ex's heart and start things all over again, other wise you'll get the same results in the end.

It is very crucial that you realize the importance of achieving all the three goals mentioned above, BEFORE you meet your ex for the first time after the break up, so as to ensure that you get the results you're so much struggling for!

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