What If He & she Doesn’t Want To Meet Me?

You have decided to reach him/her and ask him/her to meet. But how should you react if he/she says no? The main thing is not to lose control of your-self at that point and to remain calm. If your ex says “Um, I don't think it's a good idea” or something like that, don't get angry. Stay calm and say politely “come on, it's just a coffee!”. In most cases, if the tone of your voice seems honest, his/her answer will be positive in the end.

If he/she still doesn't want to meet you though, you mustn't

  • beg him/her
  • get angry
  • lose control of your reaction
  • burst into tears

No matter how hard it may be for you, just accept his decision without saying anything. Only this way you will keep the door open in order to try again later! Keep in mind that in order to have as many chances to succeed as possible, you should first apply successfully all the previous stages!

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