Tips To Get Him & Her Back!

It's been only a while since you broke up but you can't get your ex off your mind and all you want to do is get him/her back. Which is the safest and most effective method for you to achieve it?

a. Relationship review: First things first. You need to find out the actual reason why this relationship ended. Yeah sure there was this “It's not working out anymore” thing but that's not a reason, it's just a conclusion that your partner reached. If you want to get back with him/her you have to find WHY it couldn't work out anymore.

b. Give it a little time. And give yourself a little time as well. You need to be able to see things clearly and you obviously aren't at the moment, since you're overwhelmed by your emotions. Get some time to spend away from your ex and think things over and more clearly!

c. Don't show your interest. Of course you want to know how he/she is doing. But you have to resist the temptation and do NOT ask his/her friends or family about him/her. And make sure you stop checking his Facebook or Twitter profile every five minutes!

d. Cut all lines of communication! No phone calls, no text messages, no e-mails, no personal messages on Facebook, nothing!

e. Don't do things that you're gonna regret later! Which means that you can't show that you're either jealous or angry or sad. And of course provoking any kind of fight is out of the question!

f.  Give your self a boost! Change your look, try a new hairstyle, catch up with your friends! He/she will definitely wonder what's going on in your life and what's the reason for all these changes!

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