The Most Important Step For Your Success

Cut all the lines of communication. No second thoughts – just do it! This is the first and most necessary step to have your ex back. Seems frightening? Sure it does… The idea of not communicating with the person with whom you had been sharing everything for so long is more than scary but don't forget that in this book you will be shown how to do it as painlessly as possible. This is the most essential part of the project. You just have to pay very close attention to the next paragraphs.

I could let you daydreaming that if you keep in touch, one day he/she will magically regret having broken up with you and everything will be ok again but I'm afraid there's no such easy way out of this. You just have to stop communicating in ANY way.  Don't be afraid to take this step, the results will reward you!

But why?

* The most common reaction of everyone who's been dumped by the person they're still in love with? Begging him/her to come back! However, it has been established that this kind of reaction will only make things worse. Do you need his pity?  Surely not! What you need is him/her to come back because he really wants to be with you and not because he/she feels sorry for you.

* Most if not all, people that decide to break up with their partner, inwardly expect him/her to run after him/her. By cutting any lines of communication, the person who broke up with you will think that he/she lost you for good and that will make him/her reconsider.

* Your-self needs this period of non-communication too. Believe it or not, YOU DO need it! It is essential that you make a review of the relationship you had.  The main thing is that if you want to think clearly, you shouldn't be meeting or communicating in any way with your ex.

* It is a very common phenomenon that the person who has decided the break up tries to keep in touch, so that he/she can deal with the separation smoothly and in a slow but steady pace. You definitely have heard things like “Just because we can't be together doesn't mean that we have to stay out of each others' lives” or “I really want us to be friends cause I care for you and you mean a lot to me”. Well, I guess there's no need for me to tell you that you MUSTN'T do him/her the favour.

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