It’s Been A Long Time Since We Broke Up, Do I Have Any Chances?

Many people send me emails telling me that it's been too long since their partner abandoned them. They keep wondering if my method can help them and ask me how exactly they should approach their ex.

If I haven't communicated with my ex for 3, 6 or 9 months, am I likely to win him/her back?

I have already made clear that time is your enemy. But still, nothing is impossible! For example, the fact that you haven't spoken with your ex for 9 months doesn't mean that you don't stand a chance of getting back with him/her but you will definitely need to make a greater effort. In this case, the plan you must follow is slightly different.

Most steps are the same, as you need to prepare yourself psychologically first and then you will arrange a meeting with your ex, following exactly what I describe in my book.

This first meeting is very important and if you don't follow the plan, you may not have a second chance, so be very careful!! But most importantly, what you have to realize is that there are no impossible situations. There are easy ones, there are tough ones but not impossible ones!

How exactly do I have to approach my ex so as to arrange the first meeting since we haven't communicated for a long time?

First you have to find a good and convincing excuse to ask him/her to go out. Don't worry if you cannot think of anything, that's what I'm here for.

Secondly, be sure you make under the radar moves! This means your ex shouldn't realize you actual intentions during your first meeting. Your behaviour should seem nothing more than friendly.

Thirdly, you must try your best so that the meeting is perfect. Give it all you got and follow everything I describe in my book! Don't expect even the slightest results if you don't act according to plan and start behaving erratically. The method of “The cycle Of Reunion” has proven its effectiveness in many different cases. You just have to apply everything described in the book and you will soon get the coveted results!

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