Grow while you sleep

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The problem

You're working hard in the gym, getting enough rest and eating high-protein meals – but you're not seeing the gains you want. Is it time to double your sessions and start eating nothing but raw venison?

The solution

There's a easier way. While you sleep, your body releases growth hormones and testosterone to rebuild tissue damaged during exercise. resulting In bigger muscles – but If you don't fuel your body correctly. It won't have the nutrients it needs. Consuming casein (a type of protein found in milk that's released far more slowly into your bloodstream than other proteins such as whey) just before bed will drip-feed quality nutrients into your muscles through the night. allowing your body to rebuild your muscles, according to a new study

The science

In the study, subjects performed resistance training at 8pm and drank a post” workout shake containing 60g of carbs and 20g of protein. Then, Immediately before sleep, half the group consumed 40g of casein, while the other half took a placebo. The results, published in the journal Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise, were that consuming casein resulted in a rapid rise In circulating amino acid levels which were sustained throughout the remainder of the night stimulating muscle protein synthesis and improving whole-body protein balance during post-exercise, overnight recovery'. So if you're struggling to build muscle, a late-night hit of casein could be the remedy.

What supp? Your sports supplement questions answered

Q Similar supplements can vary greatly in price. Are the more expensive ones worth the extra cash?

A It's worth remembering that supplements are there to make up any deficiencies you may have In your diet; says sports nutritionist Laurent Bannock ( If you can afford the most expensive supplements then you can afford to eat the right type of foods that will give you everything you need. Many supplements are derived from the same sources, yet cheaper brands sometimes bulk products out to seem better value. My rule Is always to use brands that are tested for banned substances. These are Independently analysed by laboratories so you can be sure they contain what they say they contain.


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