5 Ways To Deal With A Break Up

Everybody knows how hard it is to go through a break up, no matter which side you're on. Sometimes being the one that makes the final decision can be as hard as being the one that has to accept it. Regardless of what lead a couple to the separation, going through it undoubtedly means a bunch of negative feeling, including a sense of loss or even guilt. Let's take a look at some ways to deal with it.

a) Take some time to think of what actually lead you two to break up. You need to find out where you both went wrong during the time you were together. Of course you were enjoying yourselves, otherwise you wouldn't be a couple, but was this relationship what you really wanted? Did you have to give up on things in order to be with your partner? Clearing things out in your head will help you deal with the break up much easily.

b)Talk to your closest people. It's really important that you see there are still people who love you and care for you. It will help you deal with loneliness and realize that you deserve to be happy and surrounded by people who truly love you.

c) Get rid of hatred! Don't waste any time and energy on hating your ex and focus on doing things to feel better with yourself and get over him/her. Trying to find ways to take revenge won't help you move on, you'll get stuck in your past and that's the worst thing that can happen to you.

d)Focus on yourself. You need to find a way to replace any negativity with positive emotions! Do things that you love and that help you relax. Go to the movies, take up dance classes or even get yourself a present!

e) Distance is the key! Even if the break up was a mutual decision and you have agreed on keeping it friendly, you certainly have to distance yourself during the first period of time. That means no phone calls or text messages or emails or hanging out with each other! You need some time to realize that you're no longer a couple and deal with the feelings that this may cause you!

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